Spend this weekend in Narmada Tent City in luxurious peace.

Spend this weekend in Narmada Tent City in luxurious peace.

Are there any travel wonders out there that desire to experience something alluring and thrilling that they are overlooking?

Trekking on the risky routes to the posh highlands and even the alluring beaches is not enough. Prepare yourself because we are about to tell you more about a new travel hotspot which will undoubtedly be on your bucket list if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary.

Yes, we are addressing the Narmada Tent City, which is presently among the most popular tourist sites in the nation. We promise you that here you will discover something truly incredible and breathtaking. 

Gujarat’s natural bounty also couldn’t be underestimated. The sacred river Narmada, which flows through this state and is the greatest west-flowing river in India, is magnificent and enticing every time.

You can visualize the natural splendor in and around the Narmada Tent City located on the banks of this. You may be guaranteed its tranquil beauty, luxurious accommodations, a ton of sightseeing, and exciting activities.

Top consideration for visitors to the Narmada Tent City:

Best time to visit Narmada Tent City 

Any time of the year, on any day, you can visit the Narmada Tent City. Considering that its location is close to the Narmada River, the weather and atmosphere are consistently pleasant and refreshing, making it an ever-inviting place.

Activities to do near Narmada Tent City

The drive there is an once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and the destination also has a lot in store for you. You may enjoy the view of this magnificent work of art from the Narmada Tent City, which stands still next to the Statue of Unity. 

Additionally, you can take part in activities like:

  • River rafting
  • Forest safari
  • Sightseeing
  • Historical excursion
  • Sports and gaming 

And many more.


The most significant aspect to consider while organizing a trip is the budget. We promise that visiting Narmada Tent City won’t make a crimp on your pocket. You also can customize your stay at Narmada Tent City according to your standards. The choices here are as follows:

  • Standard Tent 
  • Premium Tent 
  • Deluxe Tent

Packages and extra tent choices for groups are available to minimize costs.

The routes to take to get to Narmada Tent City

Narmada Tent City is accessible to all of Gujarat’s major cities by road, air, and train. But take into account the following choices in light of your convenience and the distance:

  • Vadodara is 95 kilometers away, or around 2.5 hours’ travel.
  • Surat (approximately 150 kilometers) – 3.5 hours.
  • Ahmedabad is 200 kilometers away, or around 4 hours’ travel.

We highly recommend you take a road trip to reach the tent city as you surely don’t want to miss the panoramic view here. 

Why is the hype about Narmada Tent City?

Well then, here is the answer-

When you hear the word “tent,” do you envision a flimsy makeshift structure supported by a pole and ropes?

You’ll be in for a rare treat. Here, the tents are opulent and fully equipped with contemporary comforts like air conditioning, soft beds and fine furnishings, private bathrooms with all the latest amenities, etc. 

Your amusement will extend beyond the tent city’s inside since its surroundings are also beautifully planted. 

Meals at the dining pavilion are an experience of the luxurious yet warm service and welcome. Your weekend could be even better if you combine fancy dining with nearby rustic eateries serving delectable and traditional fare.

There is a facility to shop for traditional Gujarati handcrafted goods here, so your shopping experience may also be the best. 

Activities and locations near Narmada Tent City you absolutely must see and do!

Only a few of the many things listed below:

  • The Statue of Unity
  • Sardar Sarovar Dam
  • Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary
  • The State-of-the-Art Zoological Park
  • Khalwani Eco-Tourism
  • Rajvant Palace Resort
  • Valley of flowers 
  • Butterfly Park 
  • The Ekta Nursery
  • Cactus garden

There are many other activities and sights nearby that will keep you entertained for the course of your visit. 

The luxurious accommodations in the tent would ensure to yearn to extend the holidays. 

You’ll have much to do around Narmada Tent City to keep you entertained during your visit here.

The luxurious accommodations in the tent would ensure to yearn to extend the holidays. 

Isn’t this all sound exciting? So why put it off any longer?

Drive on and visit Narmada Tent City as soon as possible.

Experience the luxury, comfort & adventure at Narmada Tent City

Experience the luxury, comfort & adventure at Narmada Tent City

Finding a place with a spectacular view is always a priority for all the wanderlust there. What if we told you that you could view the tallest statue in the world and a crystal-clear river just from your tents?

Yes! You read it right. Your quest for a breathtaking viewpoint is over, as Narmada Tent City has it all. 

Your accommodation at the Statue of Unity and the price of making reservations are the main points of worry during your visit. 

You are in the right place for searching an answer to your concern; don’t worry. 

Every day, people across the globe visit the statue of unity as it is the world’s tallest monument with a height of 182 meters. The Statue of Unity is 90 kilometers from Vadodara, the closest known city with no facility nearby to stay except the Narmada Trent city located at the banks of the Narmada River. 

Staying at Narmada Tent City is the most extraordinary experience you’ll ever have. We recommend staying here for at least a day to experience the luxurious tent stay.

We have created an itinerary for your trip to Narmada Tent City to make planning easier for you.


  • Check on reservations before planning the journey to Narmada Tent City. A booking is required in advance because tent city is now a major tourist destination where the tents are typically reserved.
  • Check the weather as well. The temperature reaches approximately 45 degrees in the summer, which would ruin your excursion. To truly grasp the grandeur throughout the tent city, consider going to the Narmada Tent City in the rainy or wintry months. 
  • Decide on your transportation to the tent city well in advance. You can access the road trip or go via train or flight. 

The Statue of Unity is only two hours from Vadodara and three hours from Ahmedabad.

Kevadiya Station is the one nearest to the Statue of Unity. Reserve seats on the Mahamana Express- a special train organized by the government to make it convenient for tourists to reach the world’s tallest statue. 

Itinerary to Narmada Tent City


Try to get to the Narmada tent city before the sun sets so you may take in the scenery along the way.

Before arriving at the Narmada Tent City, you must first tour the area around the Statue of Unity. There are many tourist-friendly sites in the vicinity of the Statue of Unity. Visitors may easily stay in that region for two to three days to truly experience all the tourist attractions. So you don’t have to rush to visit every destination in a single day.

After a long day of sightseeing, you could check in for a delightful lavish experience.

Note the Check-in and check-out time of Narmada Tent City:

Check-in: 12:30 PM 

Check-out: 10 AM

After checking in, you will receive a warm welcome and mouthwatering meals that will please your stomach and heart. Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in the spacious tent with all the amenities to make your stay more comfortable. 


You will be served food and tea here in the morning as the sun rises to get you ready for the long day ahead. Look for a local guide to help you discover the hidden treasures and pass along knowledge as you explore the other sights.

While making reservations at Narmada Tent City, you can always choose a package. These packages save money and include nearby attractions like the following:

  • Visit Statue of Unity and Sardar Sarovar Dam Viewpoints:

A simple diversion for revisiting the past is taking images. You have to take the photos in a selfie position from which you have a complete view of the picturesque settings if you want them to be perfect and last forever in your album. You should visit the museum and the audio-visual to learn more about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s efforts to unify India after independence if you want to understand more about the guy known as the “world’s iron man.”

  • Laser light display: 

You can end the day here with a laser show which depicts Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s journey and his contribution to the formation of India as a nation from several subcontinents. The event employs a stunning combination of laser lights, sound, visuals, and narration on statues as its canvas. The 30-minute programme spellbinds the audience.

Now that you’ve had a good day, you may go to bed in your lovely, comfortable tents and enjoy a nice night. 


Gujarat’s legacy of rich culture is something that you can’t miss. You can take advantage of a day of local touring and cultural evenings in the tent city.

At cultural nights, guests can enjoy folk dance and song performances at this annual festival, see artisans at work, purchase directly from NGO artists and village cooperatives, see the state’s most important historical sites, and visit off-the-beaten-track locales. 

You can also spend the day lounging by the pool or riding a bike around the tent city.


  • Be sure to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones before resuming the workcation mood.
  • Shop local handicrafts and goods so you’ll have them as a remembrance.
  • Collect pictures so you can remember your experience in the Narmada tent city.
  • Try exploring lesser-known locations with the assistance of the local guide in addition to well-known places. 

Even though we have covered the ideal schedule for your weekend getaway, there is undoubtedly much more to discover in and around the Narmada tent city. We cordially extend an invitation to stay longer at the Narmada tent city. We can customize packages according to your need and the budget you want to spend living in elegant tents. 

We also provide space for you to host events and get-togethers. The well-appointed conference rooms can accommodate between 100 and 1000 guests, and the lush green lawn makes it the perfect place to have an outdoor event with security, hygienic practices, and hospitality.

If you are planning a weekend trip to this part of Gujarat and want to explore the magnificence of nature and the place houses, book a tent for your family/friends at Tent City Narmada now.