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Prime Minister of India Sharing Glimpse of Statue of Unity from His Helicopter – Promoting Indian Tourism

Prime Minister of India Sharing Glimpse of Statute of Unity from His Helicopter

As we all know about new tourist destination place was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on Birth Anniversary date of Sardar Patel on 31st October 2018.

Today, 22 April 2019 PM Modiji has share a Wonderful video about view of Statue of Unity from his helicopter and he has post the same on his official Accounts.

Continue doing this type of activity from Official Account of Prime Minister will definetly make a good impression to people and due to Recent Election in India 2019, People are watching and following him very seriously.

After inauguration Modiji has continue promoting and mentioning about to Visit this place from many places in the world. We have to believe and accept that Prime Minister is really Promoting in true way about Indian Tourism and he never forgets to mention about new destination or argue all people to visit in their Conference, Meetings or Public Meetings.

During December 2018, PM Modiji have also arrange All India level IG Conference at this place

After his visit during DG Conference, Modiji has also mention to all flight operators and give instructions to their pilot announce about this place while Delhi to Mumbai Flights.

Along with this he has also mention about Rann Utsav and Tent City Kutch Many times during his visits and conference to Various countries, Watch few glimpse here in this video: